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United States
Midterms. Also, boycott Jerry Peet.Alright, so I got midterm exams in the coming week. I hate that fact, I wish it weren't so, but it is and I have to take them. So if I'm not on as often, it's because I'm studying.
With that out of the way, let's move onto a different subject. Do any of you remember my Honest Trailer for the first Equestria Girls movie?
I made this about a year ago, and it has exploded in popularity. So I figured that hey, since Rainbow Rocks came out I could make an honest trailer parody for that, too. But then this happened:
Now I didn't mind the fact that he did this. After all, this was Jerry Peet (aka Bhalspawn), a brony significantly more popular than me, and he did a fairly good job at it. But listen to the very first line:
"From the company that brought you such amazing hits as Battleship, G.I. Joe and the Transformers movies..."
Bullshit. Fucking bullshit! That's like the exact same line as the opening of mine!
"From the company that brought you such amazing masterpieces a

Kirb (FlyingBrickAnimation's actual name) once made a video parodying Honest Trailers.  But later, it was stolen from my friend by Jerry Peet, a YouTube "brony" who doesn't seem to offer much, making a Rainbow Rocks HT.  I did watch the video, but only so much of it, simply because it wasn't even entertaining.  First of all, who compares Sonata Dusk to Gollum and Jar Jar Binks? Joke or not that was just in poor taste! Second, all the "announcer" did was basically state the obvious.

The links to the videos are in Kirb's above journal entry.  All I can do right now is dislike Peet's video, and spread the word.  I, for one, refuse to let anyone treat a friend of mine this way! If anyone would care to help Kirb—perhaps help ME help him—it would be most appreciated.

One more thing: before someone, for some strange reason, decides to use me not being a fan of Alicorn Twilight to get an edge in an argument like one idiot did, Alicorn/Princess Twilight Sparkle has nothing to do with this.  This isn't about a fictional purple unicorn getting wings; it's about a hack on YouTube violating the rights of someone who matters to me.  So, save your energy.

This isn't a joke, people! This has been plaguing Kirb for a while.  He's doing all he can in his power, but he can't seem to fight alone.  Stealing ideas from anyone like that is lower than a fiery abyss, and can't go unanswered.

Thank you for reading.
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