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The Ultimate Life Form
United States
UPDATE - 8/28/2015:
The crisis has been dealt with.  Now LJ is on, according to Snuff, a new Wiki called Creepypasta Classics.  And it appears that with the situation blown over, he's removed the screencaps as well—or at least, I think that's why I don't see them.  Bottom line, everything's paid off for SnuffBomb, and I'm glad.

Some of you may be familiar with SnuffBomb, creator of the popular—and IMHO, brilliant—Laughing Jack Creepypasta.  Well today, he has brought to my attention... well, what you see in the screencaps above.

I don't know why the admins of the Wiki would do such a thing, but I know the Wiki's decision was completely uncalled for.  And so any help against it you can give would be highly appreciated.


Thank you, Murrisson! by MyLittlePrimo
Thank you, Murrisson!
EQD post…

For those who watch my scraps, or who have encountered this for Google-related reasons, I posted this because I've met people who claim the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic IDW comics share a continuity with the cartoon.  Has that ever happened to you? Does it ever happen to you? If yes to either, feel free to tear their point a new asshole with this bit of evidence.
IDW Does Ponies Wrong, Yet Again by MyLittlePrimo
Something I forgot to bring up: what the fuck was Jeremy Whitley drinking when he thought "umbrums" would be a good idea?
First off, it sounds like he had a 5-year-old who just began learning Latin come up with the name.
Second, making Sombra's shadow form a genetic of a shadow-creature species is trite, and yet another bastardized element of the comics because it subtracts from an underrated villain's uniqueness.  I'd go out on a limb and wager that the... "umbrums" are a reference to the Makuta from Bionicle—TOTALLY something to take inspiration from!
Bottom line, the whole "umbrums" concept is cliché as well as childish.  And then people like Sketchy (the) Changeling wonder why so many people don't even care for the comics.  Because as fools like him fail to realize, they don't deserve to be cared for, nor to even be integrated into the canon.
IDW Does Ponies Wrong, Yet Again by MyLittlePrimo
IDW Does Ponies Wrong, Yet Again
To my watchers, you knew this was coming.  Let's take a look at FIEND-Ship is Magic.

The first issue gave King Sombra a story he never needed.  First off, Sombra was evil, insidious, ambitious and mysterious.  Jeremy Whitley should have built around that, but instead he featured Sombra in yet another hackneyed Start-of-Darkness trope.  Furthermore, FiM already has similar tropes with Nightmare Moon, Trixie, and Sunset Shimmer; plus, cartoons have already pulled that trope on several occasions.  Like I said, hackneyed.  Second, when it comes to the tragic aspect, this story misses that mark, too.  It heads in that direction when introducing adorable Radiant Hope and the lovely Princess Amoré as practically family to Sombra.  But then Sombra eventually betrays them both, unhesitatingly, because he was told to by the voice of someone he doesn't even know in the form of a stupid crystal formation.  Real tragic! Finally, almost everything we know about what went on is narrated by Sombra.  Fans who liked this presumably hated that season premiere.  Well if you ask me, this is no better than that premiere.  Yeah, I said it! It's more weak characterization for Sombra; more telling and not showing; and the redeeming qualities are offset by the premise and main focus.  On the paper of characters, it is above average; as something King-Sombra-related, pitiful and worthless.

Lord Tirek's story was a complete and total red herring.  Here's all that happened: a young Tirek constantly snuck out to the hermit Sendak's lair, twice; Vorak, Tirek's father—a 1-D controlling father to boot—knew about it, and constantly berated Tirek for it.  In the second act, Tirek takes it upon himself to tap into Sendak's unicorn captive's magic.  It backfires, burning down Sendak's lair, and Tirek runs away.  The next morning, Tirek's family finds out about the incident.  Tirek gets grounded, and the story ends.  How Tirek mastered his genetic ability remains unexplained; Scorpan was just there, hence me not even mentioning him; and the plot was LAAY-ZZEE.

The Sirens' origin overglorified the Sirens and Starswirl as characters.  Starswirl, immune to the Sirens' frenzying magic... somehow, is made the inventor, along with the Sirens, of all music genres in Equestria.  Again, overglorified.  Plus, you've got it all wrong, writers—Starswirl was a magician, not a MUS-ician; there's absolutely no way he became Father of the Amniomorphic Spell after dedicating chunks of his time to being Equestria's own Beatles, Metallica, etc.  Seriously, comics, how forceful can you get?! Anyway, as a last resort Starswirl banishes the Sirens, and it was made apparent he had the mirror all along.  It ends with the Sirens in the human world.  Why didn't Starswirl just banish them in the first place? Never explained.  More red herrings, huh? Great.

In Nightmare Moon's story, she can still haunt Equestria from the moon, and that Celestia can still kind of communicate with her sister.  If this is canon (God forbid), then it completely undermines the entire series because it takes away the dramatic weight and appeal that made people like the show in the first place.  With cop-outs like this, I hope you're not still wondering why I hate the comics.

Queen Chrysalis's story was, I'll admit, almost okay.  Andy Price treated Chrissy's aesthetics well; in the end, she pulls a trick on Twilight that's as badass as Queen ever was.  Sadly, those were the issue's only redeeming qualities.  Also, SPOILER ALERT: Queen Chrysalis and her changelings were born from a tree.  As Chrysalis steps out of the tree, you can only see her rape face and part of her hooves.  If I find out Chrysalis was confirmed not to be small then, comics, God help you!

Final thoughts: what can I say? It's just the Pony comics being the Pony comics, with the Start-of-Darkness trope thrown in.  And like all IDW Pony comics, they have absolutely no purpose save to milk off a franchise and trend that are both doomed at the current rate.  Well, to Andy Price, Jeremy Whitley, Katie Cook and the rest of the Pony comics' staff, I hope you guys are happy.  However many of your brain-dead consumers buy into your garbage, you are still just a bunch of unprofessional motherfuckers with a superiority complex.  And sooner or later, either the fact you are talentless, incompetent hacks will kick you in your sorry asses, or if your lucky your success will just fade away, like Stephanie Meyer's and Twilight's.  But until then, enjoy your satisfactory in making these eyesores you call MLP:FiM.

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